Data protection/security measures   
We keep our data base in two separate servers, both for backup as well as within the frame work of routine procedures. SSL (in process). There are only a handful of users that have access to our admin server.


Data Quality and Validation
Participation rates: ~20%. Drop out: ~10%
These rates will change significantly given different age groups.
Teenagers are more likely to be less patients compared to 25-50 years old, etc.
Our software indicates and keeps all participation rates, and full participation history of all respondents in all the surveys.
We have a detailed report of the progress, of each of the panelists in every survey.


Multi-panel membership
We cannot forbid multi-panel membership.
Latest assessment is that roughly 30% of all Israeli online panelists are registered in more than one panel.
We use content analysis to locate inattentive respondents and check the responses speed.
When locating such a panelist we refrain from sending him/ her any more invitations.


Job Analysis at individual level data

We have full history, dates hours and minutes of entry and completion of the questionnaire, sources, I.P’s
We can supply our client this history per job.


Data quality analysis and validation techniques to identify
inattentive and fraudulent respondents

We can time the response speed, use content analysis, preventing re-entries based on unique ID's in each survey, we constantly work on more advanced methods.
These techniques are used in the duration of the survey and shortly after data collection was completed.


Confirmation of identity
Members who wish to redeem their points should copy and send us their ID certificate with their ID number and formal address. These details cannot be forged.