Company Profile

Blueberries Panel was founded in 2006. It is today one of the leading online panels in Israel.

Since day one we have been working with global and local partners .

We've gained experience in a very wide range of research fields, methodologies and technologies.

Thanks to our global partners we had the opportunity to enrich our professional knowledge, sampling and monitoring techniques.


Sample Source

Web sites banners, conferences, friends, blogs, forums, direct mailing, joint ventures with major bodies in the internet, education, social organizations and other industries.

We manage to combine online with offline sources.


Primary advantages in the Marketplace

1.Blueberries-panel was founded by 3 well experienced partners who brought to the new firm 3 areas of expertise: Market Research, Technology, Interactive Community Recruitment and Management. We regard these 3 expertise as essential to the success of an access panel. Most of our competitors are basically research institutes who expanded their activity. None of them enjoys the same professional knowledge in those 3 fields.
2.Moreover,we do not suffer from any conflict of interests, as some of our competitors do, by having to share their work force and other resources amongst various activities.
We focus on our access panel as our main activity with full dedication to its comprehensive requirements.

3.We owe much of our capabilities to our greatest assets: our panelists. We respect their rights, respond to their requests, and they reciprocate with cooperation and good will.

Our panelists reside from all over the country granting us an excellent coverage of Israel, social strata and age groups.

4.Lastly, we take pride in our dedicated service.
We believe this level of service is unique and benefits all.


Market Research only

We use our panel solely for market research. Blueberries-Panel is an Internet Research company, or as we like to define ourselves, an Internet Research Community.  We use our community solely for market research, and make it a point not to expose the members to an over dosage of studies.


Panel Statistics

We base our assessment on a cohort of recruits in a given month. We check their response rate quarterly during a period of one year. We've learnt that the attrition rate is: 1-2% over the first quarter, 3% over the second quarter…in one year we might loose about 10% of the original group.
One should consider the fact that online research is a relative new industry in Israel (7 years) and that all statistical- mathematical calculations of this nature are subject to change as the industry grows older and wiser.


Opt-in process

Every new member completes a multi stage registration process. The first form contains basic socio-demographic details. After the first stage they get an activation mail that verifies their email address authenticity. Entering this mail will open a second form which gives us a deeper acquaintance with the new member
In the third stage they are urged to fill 10 life style profiles for which they are being rewarded.


Profile data we keep on our members

Basic socio-demographic details are mandatory for every member.
Gender, Age groups 12+, Education level, Income level, Immigrants, geographical regions, subscribers of cellular and telephone providers and more.
Our members fill out 10 life style profiles with more than 200 details in the following fields: Home and the Family, Internet, Games, Hobbies, Health, Finance and Insurance, Traveling, Transportation, Work and Career, Media consumption.
Every quarterly all members are motivated to update their personal profiles and are being rewarded for doing so.
About 60% fill out the 10 life style profiles.


Panel and Sample Management

Once the target group is defined, its-inner structure is according to formal publications of the Israeli Central Statistical Bureau. We then run a query throughout our data base and locate the required group according to required criteria. In addition, we use our quota mechanism, as part of the questionnaire, to get the precise proportions of each of the statistical cells.

Sample can be deployed as required, however, time zones are not relevant to a small country like Israel. It is GMT+2.00 all over the country.


How often are individual Members contacted for online surveys within a given time period?

Our policy is not to contact a member more than twice a month, however sometimes we have a series of studies (4 or more with the same topic) for sub-panels (e.g. women or youth or subscribers of a certain cellular provider). In those cases the participants will know in advance that they are going to be contacted in a higher frequency.
We keep data on panelist participation history and have full control over the creation of the participant's lists.


Policies and Compliance

We comply with Esomar's International code and guidelines and the local laws.
Our privacy policy states that all panelists' personal details will never be exposed/ transferred to a third party. Personal details will only serve as screening variables or as and identifier, and will be kept in an absolute confidentiality.


Information we can share with the client after the project has finished

We share with the clients special problems that we encountered during the survey e.g. the client's entry link, server malfunction (when it is the clients server that collapsed) certain questions that posed a problem to the panelists, some qualitative responses received from the panelists.
We also share with him responses and dropout rates, in cases we host the survey.